One Family: The Story of The Refugee Task Force of Rutgers Presbyterian Church

Music Video for Schwartzer's "Salmon and Sun"

Almost (Segment from "In Passing)(2011)

One White Balloon (For Jafar Panahi) (2011)

Oh! Be Joyful! [22 minute Version] (2007)

Shutting Up (2007)

Waldo (2003)

Peter Rinaldi (2002)

J.R. (2002)

Present at the Creation of the World (2002)

Girl Plural: Part 1 (2001)

The Sun Shines For You (2000)

Short Film (1996)

Void (1995)

Stagedust (1994)

Cancer (1993)

Criterion Cooking Contest Video

Experimental Films

King Films (in collaboration with Jonathan Roumie)